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A documentary series about how bloggers, podcasters and vloggers earn a living online.

Episode 1 of 9

Courtney Slazinik

Teacher. Photographer. Wife. Mom. Blogger.

For Courtney Slazinik, being able to serve as a role model to her girls is more valuable than anything else. And she does just that running her photography blog. Rated one the top five “momtographer” blogs by the Huffington Post, Click it Up a Notch and Courtney are the perfect example of how to build a business by connecting and relating to her audience.

This business has changed how I see myself, how I see raising daughters in this world.

Episode 2 of 9

Barron Cuadro

Writer. Style Entrepreneur. Blogger.

Barron Cuadro set out to create his platform of accessible style by carving out a unique niche. This personalized, narrow focus of catering to men who want a more personal approach to style helped him become an influencer in men’s fashion with Effortless Gent.

You can have a profitable online business if you are able to buckle down and know what your strengths are.

Episode 3 of 9

Chad Collins

LEGO Enthusiast. Family Man. Entrepreneur. Vlogger.

When Chad Collins’ daughter asked if they could create a YouTube channel together to share their LEGO creations, he enthusiastically said yes. This father-daughter bonding eventually led Chad to quit his job and start a live event series called Brick Fest Live to bring together LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

Instead of going on a business trip for eight days now our family hits the road for thirty days to host Brick fest Live events.

Episode 4 of 9

Asad Chaudhry

Magician. Entrepreneur. Teacher. YouTuber. Vlogger.

Asad Chaudry didn’t start his entrepreneurial journey knowing how to design a website or run a business, but he’s picked up all of these skills and more while building 52 Kards, a 900,000+ YouTube following, successful Kickstarter campaigns, and online courses.

At the beginning, I was definitely focused only on YouTube, but I was aware of how important it is to have your own platform and to have your own home.

Episode 5 of 9

Krista Stryker

Athlete. Adventure Seeker. Writer. Entrepreneur. Blogger.

Every time Krista Stryker hit a new goal in the gym, it gave her a boost of confidence. With that confidence she became a certified personal trainer, started her blog, 12 Minute Athlete, and turned that blog into an exercise app for her readers who needed exercise routines to fit into their busy schedules.

Blogging has given me so much freedom. I can literally work from anywhere.

Episode 6 of 9

Dave Stuart Jr.

Teacher. Husband. Father. Writer. Speaker. Blogger.

Dave Stuart had no desire to leave teaching but knew he wanted to create more financial security for his family. So instead of building a business to replace his teaching job, he created a side business– his self-titled, educational blog. Through his blog, Dave encourages and equips teachers to do the same for their students.

A blog gave me the potential opportunity to encourage and equip teachers, who would then encourage and equip countless students.

Episode 7 of 9

Sarah Morgan

Online Business Owner. Circus Performer. Teacher. Blogger.

Always the self-starter, Sarah Morgan went from journalist to aerial artist and teacher to freelance entrepreneur. Now, with two decades of blogging and design experience fueling her work, Sarah never runs out of advice to share with other entrepreneurs as they build their online presence on her blog, XOSarah.

I remember just sitting in my kitchen and thinking, “Oh my god. I make more money blogging than I did at my corporate job. I’m here. I made it.”

Episode 8 of 9

Mique Provost

Wife. Special Needs Mom. Creative Entrepreneur. Blogger.

While her heart was always set on starting a family, Mique Provost wasn’t willing to give up on her entrepreneurial spirit. She eventually combined her passion for motherhood and entrepreneurship through her blog, Thirty Handmade Days, where she shares recipes, design advice, and other around-the-house projects.

This blog was my outlet. In the beginning, it was all about connecting with other people and sharing ideas. I had no idea that it could turn into a business.

Episode 9 of 9

The Fantasy Footballers

Podcasters. Sports Fans. Marketers. Bloggers.

From the outside, it may look like the guys behind The Fantasy Footballers are trying to make money by hanging out and watching football, but their first year of business proved how much hard work goes into podcasting. Since then they’ve learned how to support their families while sharing their favorite hobby with each other and with the world.

When you are consuming tons of other content or you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to find your own voice and find whatever special or unique thing you have to say.

You can be a blogger too

If you’ve checked out any of these stories, you’ll quickly see that even though each story
is unique to the creator, they all have one thing in common. Every story started as a simple idea.

One idea that changed their lives.

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